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The Telegraph: The luxe high summer wardrobe: 8 labels to swoon over

It’s all down to Instagram (of course) and clothes that look good in the classic open-suitcase snap. "People are no longer only packing for practicality but to look good  in their Instagram photos, standing out against pale beaches or cobbled streets," Lyst’s Charlotte Austin told the Telegraph. Searches for Insta-bait brands like Marysia, Eugenia Kim and Zimmermann have rocketed by 408 per cent on the shopping search-engine site. 


Luxury daily: Gucci, Kanye West’s Yeezy top list of hottest fashion brands among Gen Z

"The amazing thing about the fashion industry is that while we can use data to look back on results and analyze consumer behavior, there's really no telling what will happen next, and what makes a brand go from hot to not is totally out of our control," said Charlotte Austin, editor at Lyst, London.

"We're excited to keep tracking movement and changes to the list to see what next quarter's Lyst Index looks like," she said.


the telepgraph: Why Princess Diana is influencing our style choices all over again

'Every woman could do with more Diana in her wardrobe, and it’s no wonder her style continues to be iconic for women everywhere,''  Charlotte Austin, Lyst's editor, tells The Telegraph.

''Diana was the people’s princess, with a quirky and personable sense of style that provided enough subtext to keep us talking about each outfit to this day - case in point: the revenge dress,'' says Austin. 

"Never has a royal wardrobe been so diverse as Diana’s,'' continues Austin. ''From pop-print knitwear to slinky little black dresses and sparkly gowns, the Royal’s wardrobe was so much more than a twin-set and pearls.''


the sunday times: Go faux-ho: hippy chic for high rollers

Nevertheless, this trend’s spiritual home is at the most exclusive and photogenic holiday destinations, emerging from the suitcases of the very affluent. The average price of a kaftan bought on Lyst has risen by 60 per cent, from £63 in 2016 to £101 in 2017, says Charlotte Austin of Lyst.

“This is a look that’s definitively tied to a jet-set lifestyle — they’re expensive pieces for people who can afford to wear them in glamorous places. If a kaftan isn’t instagrammed in Mykonos, is it even a kaftan?” 


Grazia: Jetleisure: This Season's Fashion Buzzword

Lyst's editor, Charlotte Austin, explained: "When it comes to holidays people are no longer packing for practicality but to look good in their Instagram photos, standing out against those pale beaches or cobbled streets and playing to those likes. The result is a rapid rise in searches for these niche luxury holiday brands that are meeting the demand."